Who We Are

The year was 1889. The dream of our founders, Charles Stromberg and Henry Allen, was slowly gaining traction in the industrial "Printers Row District" of downtown Chicago. In those precarious first days, when the fledgling firm had little to offer but promises, a philosophy began to take shape: Fairness and respect for the customer comes first.

More than a century has passed, and that humble little printing plant has changed immeasurably. Printers Row is now a region of upscale restaurants and condo conversion. Stromberg Allen and Company in 2008 relocated to the Chicago suburb of Tinley Park and is now the model for the latest technologies.

Across the plant, new capabilities rise as we combine specialized printing and kit-assembly functions into single, seamless operations. Simultaneously, experienced account managers work diligently to craft efficiencies for customers across the printing spectrum.

Yet in the midst of so much progress, one thing remains precisely the same. We continue to put fairness and respect for our customers first. You see, just as in 1889, this firm remains family-owned and absolutely customer-focused. Stromberg and Allen wouldn't have it any other way

In an industry driven by remarkable new technologies, you might wonder: What is the importance of a printing company's history? Frankly, it's only important if that company has remained true to the ideals of its founders. Rest assured this company has. In a history that touches three centuries, Stromberg Allen has built a notable reputation for customer service. And while we take pride in that legacy, we never rest on it. We know the job that matters is not the last one. It's the next one.

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