Press Room

It happens here. Under the brightest lights, with the intense whine of the rollers in your ear, this is where your print job comes to life. Rest assured, we'll make the moment rewarding.

Not just because sophisticated optics are constantly scanning and perfecting your colors. Or that your job can be printed on virtually any substrate you need, from onion skin to plastic to 32pt board. Or even that your job can be run on a over-sized 44-inch press.

No, the reason that your press run will be a rewarding moment is simply our people. Pressmen who average an impressive 12 years of experience, and a Press Room manager who's been at it for 25 years.

Those are the numbers that matter.

Our Press Room is a showcase of modern digital and offset equipment. Stromberg Allen was the first printer in the United States to install the Man Roland color bar and spot color scanner. This equipment optically scans the color bars to verify that the printed sheets are within specified color parameters. The scanned data is sent via fiber optics to the ink fountains, correcting color variances faster then the human eye can detect it. We also have a CIP-3 interface with the office that automates the press setup from the original job specifications. Coating options include inline varnishes, aqueous or UV along with Hybrid UV and conventional offset printing. In our digital department we have a series of 4-color Oce presses and 1-color Xerox presses to handle your short run paper and board projects.

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