With any job, there is a level of quality that is expected by the reader. Then there is the much tougher level of quality that will be demanded by the customer. At Stromberg Allen, we work toward a level of quality even more lofty: The one we set for ourselves.

The work we perform in pre-press is a perfect example. We offer a completely digital workflow. Files commonly are sent directly to our secure FTP site; proofs are output on high resolution digital plotters or uploaded to our server for soft proofing in your own office. This entire process is in compliance with the strict G-7 standards. Colour profiles are then sent directly from the servers to our digital presses or the computer to plate processor.  These colour profiles are combined with digital job specifications, this data is then shared between different equipment and processes.

The result? Dramatically reduced make-ready times, printed pieces that live up to the proofs, and rock-solid page-to-page consistency.

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